Who is Filipe Sousa

Filipe Sousa is a Portuguese journalist living and working in Brazil. Born in Coimbra, moved to Salvador where he tries to make a difference in the world. Interested in learning and teaching, reading and writing, focusing on main topics: entrepreneurship, healthcare, IT, IoT, investment and connecting people with common or related interests.

2014 was the year that introduced Filipe to the world of healthcare management, digital health, medical entrepreneurship, medicine and innovation. Connected with global leaders, strategic and creative thinkers thanks to his work with journalism and event organization focusing on the future of health innovation.

Not an influencer, a disruptor or an evangelist on health and technology, however Filipe tries to make a difference by connecting people and institutions, getting information to where it usually is not available.

Filipe is a verbal advocate for strategic communication in order to optimize and improve healthcare, bringing modern concepts on communication between consumers, executives, clinicians and scientists, connecting same ideals and ideas in different minds.

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What does Filipe do?

After graduating from the University in Coimbra (Journalism) and working in RUC - Rádio Universidade de Coimbra - SIC - Sociedade Independente de Comunicação - network (internship), it was time to move to Marketing and Communication. EDP -Energias de Portugal - was the destination. After that I'M SGPS came, along with a larger spectre of business areas: in 2 years time Energy, Construction, Mining, Real Estate, Healthcare and a great oportunity to work with branding and the New Business Department? Life moved on and Cision was a step into the media analytics field.

Salvador was a dream that quickly became broken. Even so, it was the beginning of a career as ESL teacher. Still working as RUC correspondant in Brazil, soon found a job as a journalist for Revista Diagnóstico and Portal DiagnósticoWeb, with Grupo Criarmed, which made it possible to work with global events on healthcare management, healthcare compliance and medical entrepreneurship, and meet some of the most influential minds in each of those fields.

With an eye of what happens around the globe, Filipe is trying to develop a large project to help healthcare intitutions improve by learning from the best, sharing information and best practices. Also, by setting up an environment to attract entrepreneurs, startups and investors to Salvador (Bahia). 

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